Leave One For Your Ancestors

Boston is known for history and as a result we have some of the oldest and most beautiful burial grounds in the country.  Not only do they hold the remains of some very significant and interesting people, but to me they are some of the best places to walk, explore, reflect, and be grateful.  Maybe it is the grief counselor in me, but these sites are not only beautiful historically but also existentially.

Día de los Muertos (“Day of the Dead”) is a national Mexican holiday that celebrates deceased ancestors with food, spirit, commemoration and life.  It is a beautiful annual celebration that not only commemorates their deceased but through their many rituals provides a connection and comfort for those that are mourning.  In honor of his wonderful holiday I would like to share the photos I took at King’s Chapel Burying Ground in Boston. Although this site has turned into a tourist trap it is hard not to reflect once inside.  These images obviously lack the beautiful colors and shrines as seen during the Day of the Dead celebration.  However, to me the act of “being with the deceased” comes through, which is what the Day of the Dead celebration is all about.  Here are my images of “being with” Boston’s ancestors.

Shot with my Canon G12 and some of them uses the “miniature feature” .

ConnectionCemetary 5Cemetary 2Cemetary 3Cemetary 4Cemetary 6Cemetary 8chainsCrampedKeep offResting place 7Resting place 8Local History

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