Happy 2017!

After a long hiatus from posting I have finally made some changes to the site that includes new albums and many new photos. New albums include Seasonal North Shore (MA), Flora & Fauna and Photo Series. My other albums have also been updated with new images.  I hope these changes enable me keep the site more current.

I have really enjoyed watching my work change and grow these last few years.  Life continues to present beauty and wonder around every bend. I am so grateful to BE a part and HAVE a part in it all.

Here are some of the favorites images that were added during this last round of edits.

See you again soon and thanks for checking out the site and blog!


20160919_190513_1474326721639sea-lion-2handstrain-stare-downimg_20160821_225014puddle-2trees-that-looks-like-neurons-1dino-downautumn-in-tospfield-2016-5fall-2016tummy-cafeautumn-in-tospfield-2016-12ipswich-mansionaround-topsfield-2lake-1birdaround-topsfield-120160828_220304_147243888680320160711_210713around-topsfield-6tank-32.5.16 snow storm (1)20160911_224614_1473726149670