Memento Mori

My favorite photo from this last summer was taken when my son and I were out exploring our yard in the early morning dew. Our property seems to be a safe haven for dragonflies, so much so that we are often in awe of their abundance in the spring/ summer months. We consider this a great gift because dragonflies are pretty awesome insects.

On this one particular morning we found a dead dragonfly, perfectly intact, on the ground.  We brought it over to the picnic table to look at it more closely. It was still adorned with morning dew and was stunning. I took some photos and we left it there to honor. The next morning we returned to do a burial of sorts and found that she was a little… less!

What could eat just the head of a dragonfly and not disrupt the rest?

Consider our first lesson in the life cycle complete! √


Nature is the best teacher.

She WAS stunning.


Then she was someone’s breakfast.


And so it goes…

The dragonfly beheading also inspired this new series: Memento Mori.

Read more about what Memento Mori means here.

All things ripple on…

Happy exploring!