Portrait: Leaning into my discomfort

As an  “empath” I have always been drawn to people’s experiences, but this is also the reason why shooting people, I do not know, is complicated. I’ve done it and made stuff I love, but spontaneous portraits and street photography has never really been within my comfort zone.   It is isn’t that I can’t see the shot, actually it is just the opposite, I see too many shots and then find myself over thinking until I have lost the flow and the moment. I would make a terrible photojournalist.

However, I have found that shooting people I know is different. I can be spontaneous and can capture what I see and feel. The flow and process keeps moving.  So, when I see the word “portrait” I often have mixed feelings.  I love viewing  portraits (I am an empath after all!) and would like to explore this area as a photographer more.

See the “People” and growing “Portraits” page for more images I have captured through the years.

In in the spirit of “leaning into my discomfort” I decided to enter a portrait contest with Lens Culture. I like this contest because they will also provide some feedback about the work submitted and they seem to be very supportive and inclusive. So why not, right? Lean into the discomfort!

Here are the “hats” I threw into the ring. Due to photo laws/ permissions I decided to keep it close to those I know as subjects. To be continued!