Power of Play

We really enjoyed the opening of a new exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum last month. Play and I have a great relationship in life and work and seeing the PLAY TIME exhibit was like visiting an old friend.

P.S. The pink balloon room provided me a much needed laughter cleanse.

P.P.S Watching others, of all ages, engage with this interactive art was almost as enjoyable as engaging with it myself.

I highly recommend checking this exhibit out!

” PLAY spurs productivity.

PLAY is a catalyst for creativity.

PLAY is an escape from conformity.

PLAY reinvents the rules.

PLAY empowers the players.

PLAY stimulates innovation.

PLAY enables exploration.

PLAY is a response to uncertainty.

PLAY rewards misbehavior.

PLAY negotiates conflict.

PLAY resists productivity.

PLAY is _________________.”

Play accepts all, knows no age and facilitates life…..

PEM PLAY Exhibit (2)PEM PLAY Exhibit (3)PEM PLAY Exhibit (4)